Which platforms are supprted?
Currently we offer a free MAC-OS X (Intel) version. The Windows and Linux ports are under development.

Is it for free?

What does one bulb icon mean?
One bulb icon is equivalent to the CO2 output of a 30 watt real-world bulb.

How do you calculate the CO2 output of a computer?
The power your processor needs, has to be generated in powerplants where the CO2 emissions are produced. We calculated the average CO2 emission that is needed to run a 30 watt bulb and by combining this value with the workload of your processor we are able to estimate the CO2 emissions of your computer.

I use green energy, and now?
That's fine and you could be proud!
Populator calculates the average output under the term that your computer is hanging on a atomic/carbonic powerplant!

And what`s about other devices like USB-harddisks or webcams?
Right now, we do not take these devices into account. Next release!

How can I support the development?
Just send us an email.


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